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Linerlock Knives

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A Linerlock knife is a special type of pocketknife, which closes and locks using a simple in frame mechanism. Popular since the late 19th century, Linerlock knives were carried by military personnel and civilians alike.


Given below are some pointers that provide an easy to understand insight about Linerlock Knives:

  • Linerlock knives are mostly fabricated using titanium alloy or steel.

  • Linerlock knives generally consist of moving parts.

  • Components of Linerlock Knives are durable, functional, and rustproof for a long time.

  • Linerlock Knives work on leaf-spring mechanism. Here, you have to press the lock bar towards the handle to close the blade and the lock bar rests on the handle.
  • Safety is the upmost factor in any knife, Linerlock knives are always put through a serious series of test to ensure the quality and safety of the knife. The opening and closure of Linerlock knives are comparatively easier. These types of knives are handy, easy to conceal, and can be used as a survival tool. In fact, because of the smoother functioning that requires only one hand, Linerlock knives are perfect for the outdoor enthusiats. is an established online retailer, specializing in knives and accessories. To ensure, the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Linerlock Knives from leading brands like Kershaw, Boker, and Columbia.

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