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Ontario Bushcraft Utility Knife Series by Ontario Knife Company

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Started in 1889, Ontario Knife Company is a major supplier of private label blades and knives. It functions as a producer of knives and equipment for different industries including educational, medical, science, agricultural, security, and sports. An award-winning, global company, OKC builds knives, survival and rescue tools, science and medical instruments, as well as kitchenware. It is acclaimed for its services to US military and Law Enforcement Forces. OKC leverages dealers, major commercial retailers, and distributors in around 35 countries.


Bushcraft Knife Series – Knives That Stand Alone

Rugged and long-edged, these machetes are capable of taking down an opponent in a combat, all by themselves. Their hardwood handles come with a supporting end for more control on the knives. Bold in character, they get multiple jobs done including clearing foliage, blazing new trails, chopping wood, creating funnel points for animals, carving and incising wood, tinder gathering, as well as hunting and combating animals.


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