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Slysteel Shark-Tooth Knives

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2013 witnessed the beginning of Slysteel— the company came into existence under the leadership of Oliver Hannan, founder and established with a vision to cater the varying demands of the knife lovers, globetrotters and real-life users with exceptional quality and high-performance knives. The knives are widely used as emergency rescue and self-defence tools in most demanding situations. Slysteel is guided by the "the edge of innovation" and the detailing can be seen in each of the knives, be it in terms of performance or material. One can never go wrong with the Slysteel Knives.    


Expect Premium Range of Knives at Slysteel

Survivalists, hunters, and campers find Slysteel knives extremely useful while on an outdoor adventure expedition. The knives are unique in its design and cater to most of the people from different professions without fail in most demanding circumstances. The penetrating capability of the knives through any surface is excellent, while the comfortable blade jimping allows making excellent grip without digging into your hand. The compact design of the knives is easy to carry anywhere without any hassle. Some of the knives include the general-purpose camp knife, Shark Tooth Tactical Knives, Shark Tooth Hunter, Skeletek Dagger and Skeletek Bushcraft.


Rescue and Self-Defence Tool: Explore the Versatile Knives at Slysteel

Compact blade design, multipurpose, unrivalled retention and comfort, the knives by Slysteel stand apart from the crowd and perform exceptionally well in real life. The knives act as multi-tools in most of the scenarios. One of the Slysteel knives, Shark Tooth Hunter Knife features split finger guard and offers excellent grip and the required protection and retention. Apart from this, all other knife series by the company feature wide blades with unmatched strength and the ability to survive under high compression. The blades are wide; handles are sturdy and offer utmost comfort even for longer duration. Many knives can be used as glass breaker/prying tools to smash all sorts of things without damaging the knife’s tip.  


Sly Steel Knives— Limited Lifetime Warranty

The defective knife at Slysteel will be repaired or replaced with a new item if available. The replacements are done after consulting the concerned department of the company. The products offered by the Slysteel are not to be used abruptly that affect the performance or the quality of the knives; in such cases no replacement is done.


Explore the Wide Range of Knives and Cutlery at Knife Country 

One of the most reliable virtual shops for finding different types of knives, and outdoor supplies, Knife Country has collaborated with more than 500 manufacturers, thus giving many options for a buyer. One can explore and shop from more than 30,000 models including products for hunting, camping, fishing, adventure vacationing, and self-defense. Slysteel has been one of the most trusted names offering high-performance knives that cater to the requirements of survivalists, hunters, and campers. Indeed, a haven for globetrotters and real life knife users, Knife Country continues to put emphasis on products like knives, cutlery, camping gear, flashlights,  and other survival equipment.

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