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From inventing weapons for protection to inventing medicines to cure ailments, technology has done it all. Many tactical and survival gear manufacturers have developed several new technologies to give great deal of contribution in advancement of tactical, survival and combat gear. One such organization is Serengeti. Serving the purpose of manufacturing quality eyewear accessories, Serengeti is one of those very few brands who has been leading the market in the scape of technologically advanced eyewear solutions. Serving the cause for over 48 years now, Serengeti produces sunglasses specially designed for combat, survival, athletic usage fir for enhancing the vision and view of the landscape which is haltered due to many natural and unnatural reasons.


Dazzling Past & Glorious Future

Originated in 1980, Serengeti developed itself over the extensive research and development done in the invention of corning research laboratory— one of the very first in the US industry to have applied optics as its major research topic. Corning developed Borosilicate glass, a glass which could withstand and survive sudden changes in the climate. Building on this invention, Serengeti patented Spectral Control filter lens designed to increase the contrast and reduce the glare by filtering out distracting blue wave–the main reason behind reduction of image sharpness. This is the major lens which Serengeti use in its exclusive eyewear along with Driver lens & Polar PhD lens which also won the Silom d’Or Award for innovation and performance.


Lens Variations For The Best Clarity

Serengeti has a variety of lenses and eyewear suitable for all different kind of areas and specs. The main two lens used in the manufacturing process are Ultra-Light mineral lens and Polar PhD lens. The mineral lenses are made up to Borosilicate optical glass developed by Corning. The lenses are prepared by tempering them chemically to make them scratch and impact resistance. They can endure any kind of climate changes and are 20% lighter than any other of their kind. Serengeti manufactures their eyewear with a final anti-clear coating to prevent reflective glare. The Polar PhD 2.0 lens hydro and oleophobic front-side coating which is capable of repelling water fingerprints and debris. The anti-fog backside makes the eyewear perfect for both visual and physical performance. Serengeti has 8 different colors and variations suitable for different terrains and activities such as: driving, steering, everyday, mountains, etc. Products like: Valentina, Aviator, Leonora, Levanzo, Isola, Ceriale, etc. can be found in Serengeti’s collection.


Durable & Strong Framing

Serengeti did not let lenses take all their attention away. The frame material is as important as the lens itself in an eyewear and that’s special has been allocated to that as well. Serengeti uses a variety of material and techniques for manufacturing frames. Frames composed of Nylon TR90 are designed for superior durability. They are extremely light and flexible to provide maximum comfort. Same is the case with Titanium frames which are best known for the strength and durability they bring to the forefront. Acetate is another material used to make light weight frames which are ideal for customization and can be made in marvelous hues & colors. No compromises are made in choosing the technologies to design the frames either. Designed with features like: Foldable frame, adjustable nose pads and hinges, Serengeti designs the most premium eyewear out there to compliment the superior combat gear of survivalists.


Serengeti Warranty

All eyewear manufactured are of the best quality and the most advanced options in comparison to their contemporaries. But issues can arise. Serengeti products have the limited lifetime warranty for any defects found in the material or the quality of workmanship. This applies to the entire lifetime of the product. A non-chargeable repair or replacement is provided by Serengeti for all manufacturing and workmanship defects. All warranty related queries can be directed towards us and we at Knife Country will assist you in every way possible. Expect required solutions for all your problems and worries regarding the products.


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