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If you ever trace the significance of regular assisted opening knives, then the story would have eventually led you to Meyerco Knives. The brand is globally acknowledged for designing The Strut'N'Cut™ Knife, which won the most prestigious award—“Most Innovative American Design” in the 1997 Blade Show. Even today, the brand Meyerco continues to win hearts for manufacturing exclusively strong and sharp Strut-&-Cut knives.


Meyerco: Not Just Another Knife Brand

The success of Meyerco knives can be directly equated with the team of creative geniuses like Blackie Collins, Dirk Pinkerton and may more. Utilizing the sacred art of knife maker Blackie Collins, various popular knives like The Speedster, Scamp, Meyerco Tactical, Rascal, Meyerco Tanto Speed Demon, Rescue One and Two, were introduced by the brand. In fact, MEYERCO is also credited for designing innovative knife sharpeners, which are suitable for both regular edges and serrated ones.


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We are an established web-based store, specializing in the niche of collector’s knives and accessories, including sheaths and sharpeners. We also retail outdoor gear and accessories. To ensure, you get only the best deals, we procure our handpicked range of Meyerco Knives in various forms like the double-edged NECKLANCE, black-handled Large Machete, and MAXX-Q Tactical Opener Knife.

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