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Prandi Andrea & C. is a brand that is passionate about manufacturing cutting tools like axes, hatchets, wedges and other wooden cutters. Their products are exclusively made in Italy in a workshop and are one of the few companies in Europe, that harbors such a large selection of wood cutting tools. The brand’s product directory is as expansive as over 150 different models of axes and hatchets which are being manufactured every day.


Why Choose Prandi?

Prandi has known its exclusive products. Keeping in mind the local tradition and changing preferences of the customer, Prandi focuses on every segment of the manufacturing process with detail, whether it is the creation of molds or finishing of the handles. Prandi’s method of quality checking is quite precise, strictly complying with the regulations and leaving no room for error. The brand has been working in the same business for the past 40 years and continues to improvise itself for the sake of better customer satisfaction.

Prandi’s diverse product catalog comprises hammers & mallets with hot pressed and hardened blades, highly resistant axes with their blades tempered in oil, chisels, and levers made of carbon steel and chromium vanadium, vintage splitting tools inspired from Scandinavia and other tooling accessories.


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