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Tru Wool

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Tru Wool is a USA-based company that manufactures fire arm kit. This kit helps you to clean and polish the portable gun properly. If you want to keep your pistols, rifles, shotguns, and bows in an untouched condition then Tru Wool gun care kit is an amazing choice. It is developed by Dr. Sheepskin. Tru Wool assures that you get durable and high-quality products.


What to Expect from Tru Wool?

True Wool offers a fire arm kit which includes a liquid polish, three sheepskin pads and a microfiber cloth. This liquid cleans and polishes the firearms appropriately and gives a shiny look while sheepskin pads contains natural oil called Lanolin in the wool. Liquid polish solution is used to moisten the sheepskin pads for the perfect finish.    Safe to use, these products provide protection to the firearms from getting damaged. The brand offers products which are ideally used for cleaning metal, plastic and fiberglass. Tru Wool Natural Sheepskin Gun Care Kit keeps your guns and knives intact and protected.


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