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Established in the small industrial village of Isithebe in South Africa, Okapi Knives is recognized for manufacturing pocket knives and hand tools. Located on the North-East coast of South Africa, the company produces knives known for their high carbon steel blades. The company is the only manufacturer of original Okapi pocket knives. These knives have a rich history that dates back over a century in Solingen, Germany. These prominent knives are used for their robust structure and durability.


Okapi Knives- Experts at Making Traditional Knives


Over the years Okapi has increased its range of products that satisfy the needs of various industries that depend on rugged, durable and long-lasting tools to perform well. The company supplies plethora of products for agricultural, forestry and construction industries as well as various others. The product range includes pocket knives, butcher knives, machetes, cane knives, garden tools, bow saws and abrasives.

The products are specially designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Expect the knives and machetes made using highest quality carbon steel that is hardened and tempered for maximum durability and customer satisfaction. Based in the heart of Africa’s largest sugarcane plantation, Okapi knives also offers the best quality cane cutting and bush clearing knives in the industry.


Digging Deeper into the Product Series by Okapi Knives


Okapi Folding Pocket Knives: The folding pocket knife series by Okapi Knives features foldable knives with Resin impregnated wood handle. Expect the knives to have satin-finished blade with standard edge. These knives are worthy collectibles and are preferred by knife enthusiasts around the globe. These knives are perfect for EDC and outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and trekking.


Okapi Machetes: Okapi Machetes are must-have tools in every household. These can be used anywhere, be it farms or small open garden at home. The machetes have extensive use and can be used for general household chores like cutting grass, constructing roofs, preparing wood for fire, or as a defense tool to save life from wild animals. The machetes by Okapi offer inevitable dexterity and make chopping wood an easy task. They are available in different shapes and sizes.


Okapi Big Sable Knife Series: The Big Sable Knife Series includes everyday carry pocket knives. These knives are marketed for their unique handles made of resin impregnated woods which are dried and heated up to give the users a tight grip. Explore the series for knives that can be folded in a compact manner to fit in the pockets easily. The handles also have a set pattern of moon and sun made of carbon stainless-steel. The bade is buffed to give smooth satin-finish. These knives are specially designed for expedition where heavy-duty material of knives offers durability and ensures immediate use.


Okapi Cane Knife Series: This knife series is exclusively designed in South Africa. The knives of series feature blunt blades made of carbon steel or stainless steel. These knives come in different sizes with an all-rounder, long, medium, and short handles. The knives are intended to be used for harvesting crops and other agriculture related tasks. These knives have hooked end on the blade that helps the user to halt the stalk while harvesting. The cane knives come with distinctive bend styles. Some have straight and short bend while the others have Swazi and T-shaped bend.


Okapi Corn Knife Series: The Corn knives are made from 1500 carbon steel which is prominently used in machetes. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, these knives are convenient agricultural tools used in harvesting the crops. The compressed and extensive tip of the knives give maximum cutting speed and ensures safety. These knives are a unique amalgamation of smooth and strong blade with satin finish and strong wooden handle. The handle ensures tight grip and comes with a lanyard hole at the bottom.


Okapi Latin Bolo Machete Series: This series of machetes is inspired from the Latin Bolo inspire by the Caribbean. These machetes are used for general cutting and clearing the path while exploring woodlands and jungles. They also serve an important purpose of picking food from the trees on the go. These tools have blades made of high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel. the blades boast satin-finish and a standard edge which makes it covers a larger area while clearing the path. The extended tang ensures full grip with strength. The blade has a larger bottom part to give a quick response and immediate action during tough situations.


Okapi Panga Machete Series: The series includes African multipurpose style knives with long blades made using 1500 carbon steel. The machete has a curved belly that makes tasks like chopping and slicing easy. The end of the blade has a sharp and pointed tip that can be used to pierce any object. The blade has a polished satin-finish and a standard edge. The blade is broad enough to cover larger area while in use. They are primarily used in kitchen during butchering, slicing and chopping the meat. 


Okapi Reliance Machete Series: Okapi Reliance Machete Series features knives made of antibacterial polymer handles for secure grip. The handles are made using injection molding technique to give the users a comfortable handling of tools. These tools are ideal for hunting, camping, and bush crafting and they can be used in hard cutting jobs. Some of these machetes resemble fixed blade knives in terms of color of the tang or handle for secure grip. The blades of these machetes are made using carbon steel and have satin-finish. 




The knives and machetes by Okapi are free from manufacturing defects. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. However, Okapi Knives does not warrant against normal wear or misuse. It is to note that these knives and machetes are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of damage or misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repair services.


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