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Griffin Pocket Tool

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The foundation stone of Griffin Pocket Tool was laid down in 2014. Griffin Pocket Tool is a family-owned business, headquartered in Watkinsville, Georgia. The brand was initiated with the perception of making a versatile tool that can overcome the inconvenience associated with the carrying of different tools to accomplish everyday chores. To bring that idea on the surface, Kickstarter Campaign was initiated in April 2015. Kickstarter, being a support platform for artists, designers, developers and creators, supported the notion and had helped with resources to make this idea a reality. Within the short span of 30 days, the professionals at Griffin Pocket Tool came up with the new and innovative designs of Griffin Pocket Tools. Since then, Griffin has never looked back and created pocket tools in different sizes to cater to the challenging requirements of the tool-making industry.   


Original Idea to Feature 12+ Tools in One Design for Those Who Are Always On the Go

The legendary, mythological Griffin was the main source of inspiration behind the creation of Griffin Pocket Tool. Griffin was considered a hybrid with the body of the lion, and head and wings of an Eagle. The mythology associated with Griffin is that it thought to be especially powerful and majestic creature, which is known for protecting possessions that are most treasured and precious. While designing the pocket tool, the designers were of the opinion to create something which could prove to be handy, and as powerful as Griffin, which can be used by those who are always on the go. By bringing different tools such as bottle opener, pocket clip, flat head screwdriver, scoring tool, pry tool, and wrench.  


Quality That Remains Unbeatable

The Griffin Pocket Tool was designed in the US and is currently produced over-seas. The Griffins after being cut and milled are sent to the US where they are cleaned, finished and packaged. Each tool is EDM wire cut and then the Scoring Tool, Pry Tool, and outside edges are CNC milled to offer seamless finish and perfection. Being associated with Kickstarter, the professionals know what works and what does not, while making and finishing each tool. To ensure that each tool created at Griffin Pocket Tool exhibits excellent quality, the artisans use premium grade materials like stainless steel to manufacture the product line. All the Griffin Pocket tools are TSA compliant which means the keychain multitools with your logo are always there.


Warranty Information

Griffin Pocket Tool offers a limited lifetime warranty for the life of the tool. The brand will not cover any breakage or disforming due to excessive and/or strenuous use or other unintended uses that are outside the standard everyday uses. For replacement, you should be the original owner of the product.    


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