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A pen is considered one of the most impactful revolutionary inventions. There are regular pens we use in our day-to-day life and then, there are extraordinary pens for special applications. This includes pens that can withstand any amount of abuse, the harshest weather conditions, and can write on impossible surfaces with ease. These pens have a special configuration, built with exclusive springs and inner lining materials along with special inks to ensure they can carry on for years, assuring you of hassle-free performance.


Decoding the Not-so-Regular Writing Pens


Our range of writing pens makes more sense for the outdoors customers. These can be branded as a part of survival gear. This includes professionals whose job often includes exploring the countrysides to accumulate critical data or writers who need that dose of the wilderness to stimulate their next chapter. Such pens are often infused with specially synthesized ink that can easily sustain extreme temperature conditions.


Writing Gear for the Outdoors


With this writing gear, one can write in freezing and scorching hot conditions. Some of our pens are equipped with pressurized refill that makes them suitable for writing in zero gravity conditions. The nib designed for these pens is usually capable of writing on greasy, coarse, wet, or frictionless surfaces. These pens are quite appealing when it comes to their outer construction. The refined finish and sleek design conceal the realm of their special applications. You can avail these pens in a range of matte or glossy finish.


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Knife Country USA is an established online store with a global presence. We offer many ordinary items with extraordinary features without compromising the authenticity. We bring our customers these specially designed Writing Pens from renowned brands in this segment, like Fisher Pens, Wagner of Switzerland, Zippo Lighters, and more. Please contact us for any question about our products, the prices, or shipping policies.

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