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Paul Chen Sir William Marshall Sword Series by Paul Chen Swords

Paul Chen, a Taiwan based knife and sword enthusiast established his brand Hanwei in Dalian, China in 1991. He always focused on combining traditional craftsmanship with modern tooling and metallurgy in his products. Today, the brand holds a vast inventory of more than 600 products of different niches, providing the customers to browse through a large selection. From traditional Japanese to functional European style swords, Hanwei has become one of the prime choices of many collectors, samurais, re-enactors, and historical fencers.


Sir William Marshal Swords by Paul Chen Hanwei are the most renowned swords. The unique design and craftsmanship of these swords are inspired from the original, now in a British museum, used by one of England’s finest knights, Sir William Marshall. All the swords in this series feature blades that are forged with carbon steel to offer durability to withstand the test of time. These swords also have a central fuller and full-length distal taper that offers speed and strength when in use. The full tang blade of this sword extends through the pommel where it is peened for strong, secure functionality. The grip handle of this traditional knight sword is leather wrapped and laced elegantly. The scabbard leather cover with steel mounts, ensures safety. These swords have an apt size to provide excellent balance. This knight’s sword is truly a sword for the connoisseur. Choose your sword from the promising range of Paul Chen Hanwei.


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