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ASP Tools Steet Defender Pepper Spray Series by ASP Tools

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ASP is a prominent brand to supply tools like batons, restraints, Led lights, OC training products to Law & enforcement, military and armed personnel. The comprehensive range of ASP tools boasts innovation in design and matchless standards of perfection. The brand is dedicatedly focused towards meeting the customer requirements with utmost quality deliverables.


The ASP Tools Street Defender pepper series is precisely machined from high strength aerospace aluminium, making them lightweight, low profile, easy-to-carry and devastatingly effective. Being non-lethal defensive gears, these pepper sprays are highly popular not only among law associated people but also civilians for self-protection. Defender series sprays feature bright dip industrial anodizing that is accented by an injection molded Delrin.  Some of the spray cases come with attached keyholes. Both the dispersion tip and retention cap are o-ring sealed. For the perfect functioning, the release requires two distinct movements. The Defender series uses a straight line activation to place a cone-shaped spray on target even in the dark. The sprays provide Oleoresin Capsicum protection with replaceable aerosol Inserts.


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