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Straight Razors

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A straight razor is a razor with a blade, which can be easily folded
into its handle. Often recommended as open –razors and cut-throat razors, these
straight razors are popular in use across different parts of Europe, Japan, and
North America. Easy to hone and to strop, these straight razors are immensely
used for manual shaving. With larger blades sizes, these razors tend to
accumulate more lather as compared to electric razors. If you are all fed up
with the use of disposable blades and looking for Straight Razors, visit Knife
Country USA for the best deals and huge discounts. The 25-year-old webstore has
been retailing straight razors from brands like Rite Edge, Dovo Knives, Boker
Tree, Rough Rider, Timor Knives, and Simba Tec Razolution

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