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Zoe Crist Knives is an Escanaba, Michigan-based premium knife manufacturing and designing company. The company was founded by knife enthusiast Zoe Crist as he was passionate about ironwork and metal forging since young age. Zoe Crist Knives offers a diverse product range including wilderness knives, scout knives, backpack knives and more. Zoe Crist Knives is initially a small family-run company, dedicated to providing the finest quality tools ideal to perform both commercial and low-profile tasks/jobs. The brief and detailed knife collection gives a perfect example of elegance and durability with their unique design and great functionality. The company is currently indulged in developing Damascus steel with great ergonomics for custom knifemakers and companies including William Henry Studios and Pro-Tech Knives.


Products with Great Ergonomic Feel

Zoe Crist Knives are created for use in both tactical situations and indoor uses. The combination of old crafting techniques and the modern technology results in the finest quality products by the company. The wide range of products include fixed blade knives, butcher knives, lanyard beads, kitchen knives, and chopping knives. The company has a specialization in forging kitchen and chef knives, widely used in American households and restaurants. The traditional-style knives are highly inspired by French and European knife-making techniques. The one highly appreciated and talked-about feature of Zoe Crist is the freedom of customizing the products as per the customer demands.


Hard-Handled Products with Durable Material Construction 

Zoe Crist is known to produce hard-handled knives using the in-house Damascus steel construction. Most blades are developed using the premium quality carbon steel, stainless steel or the Damascus steel as per the model or type of knives. Some of these knives are available with fixed blades which provide additional strength and robustness to the knife’s structure. The handle construction provides a long, non-slippery, tight and comfortable grip to the operator. Most of these everyday carry knives have micarta, green canvas, polished wood handles with sheath finger choil and thumb ridge for better control and easy drawing. The company offers heavy-duty leather sheath with internal retention magnet to safely store and carry these sharp and pointed knives.



Zoe Crist strives to make the highest quality knives. The company provides an unconditional lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If the problems arise with the product, just return and it will get repaired (if the issue is genuine). The company doesn’t provide the warranty to the cases where the product is misused or out of their normal wear. Zoe Crist also has its maintenance service where they offer sharpening, refurbishing, and spa treatments to the products.


Knife Country USA- An Online Megastore for Outdoor Tools and Equipment

Knife country is a US-based online shopping hub that offers a huge variety of knives manufactured by the finest brands across the world. Knife Country offers more than 30,000 models of pocket folding knives, axes, flashlights, handcuffs, pepper spray and other outdoor tools mainly used in hunting, scouting, hiking, camping, traveling and other outdoor expedition. Over 500 manufacturers deliver high-quality products and tools at Knife Country. Zoe Crist Knives offer a diverse range product including wilderness knives, scout knives, backpack knives and more. The brief and detailed knife collection by the company gives a perfect example of elegance and durability with their unique design and great functionality.


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