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Zoe Crist identifies himself primarily as an artist. Zoe's passion for forged metals began in 1987 when he stumbled upon a copy of the book, "Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, Techniques, & Inspiration", by Dona Z Meilach.  And inspired he was! In the years to follow, through in-depth study on his own and long distance apprenticeship and friendship with Don Fogg, an American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith since 1979, Zoe became more and more proficient at forging iron and making Damascus.  With proficiency came the self-expression of a fine craftsman.  The metal arts, particularly the magical process of damascus creation, continue to be a key medium in which Zoe's artistry flourishes.   It is the challenge and excitement surrounding the creation of stunning and unique patterns in steel that continue to capture Zoe's passion. In early 2010 Zoe was afforded the opportuniy to study with his longtime friend and mentor Don Fogg. Zoe currently produces beautiful damascus steel for custom knifemakers, as well as companies, including William Henry Studios and Pro Tech Knives. 

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