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Timberline Knives

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Timberline Knives


Timberline is a world-renowned knife manufacturing brand that has created some of the finest range of tactical knives. Based in New York, the knife manufacturing brand was established in 1989 by John and Nancy Anthon. The company started as GATCO and was later called Timberline. The brand has extensively contributed to the knife industry by introducing and array of knife series. These knives are ideal for hunting, fishing, and everyday tasks. These knives even function well as lethal combat weapons for armed forces and law enforcement agencies.


The tactical knives by Timberline feature Zytel handles and Greg Lightfoot-designed pistol grip with plain and serrated blades. Majority of these knives are designed by Kelly Worden, a renowned martial artist and knife maker. The knives have garnered appreciation by art critics and knife enthusiasts. Explore the catalog for a variety of jobs ranging from hunting, fishing to everyday tasks.  


Know More about Tactical Knives by Timberline

The tactical knives by one of the best tactical knives that functional well for military personnel and law enforcement agencies. Large Worden and Medium Worden Tactical knives are the most liked options in this segment. These tactical knives usually boast Zytel handles, Greg Lightfoot design Pistol grip and with plain or serrated blades as per requirement.


Diving Deeper into Timberline Product Range


Timberline Fixed Blade Knives: Timberline Fixed Blade Knives are ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Explore through the wide range of serrated-blades, standard blades, drop point blades, gut hook blades, etc. The knives boast robust construction and comfortable ergonomics and are easy to operate. These knives are ideal for boning, filleting, cutting, skinning, chopping, and butchering. You can also use these knives for combats, hunting, survival, self-defense, etc.


Timberline Folding Pocket Knives: The series includes a wide range of folding knives with unique locking mechanism. Expect knives with button lock, framelock and linerlock. These assisted opening knives prevent accidental closure and the resultant injury.  


Timberline Button Lock Knives: These push-button knives are easy-to-maintain and reduce hand fatigue. Explore the series for knives with unique blades- serrated, standard, etc. They feature typical thumb stud and lanyard hole, making it easy to carry them.


Timberline Framelock Pocket Knives: These folding knives are ideal for cutting, slicing, chopping, hunting, etc. Featuring a safe framelock mechanism, these folders boast stainless-steel construction and varying frame bodies that are best for every day carry. Explore the knife series for features like pocket clip, lanyard hole, and thumb stud. The knives come complete with pouch and storage cases.


Timberline Linerlock Pocket Knives: These knives have a linerlock mechanism that rules out unwanted blade deployment. The knives come in variety of blade designs– serrated, gut hook. These knives are easy-to-open and close single-handedly. They are ideal for hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor adventure, and other daily uses.



Timberline Axes: The series includes shiner sheath, hatchets, tomahawk. The tools feature stainless-steel blades and are great for scraping, cutting, and penetrating. These heavy-duty axes feature full tang construction and are safe to carry, thanks to the sheaths. These axes can be used for hunting, self-defense, survival, cutting, chopping wood.


Timberline Kitchen Cutlery: Explore the series for famous chef knives. The series includes all kinds of knives and knife sets that can be of great use in the kitchen. Perfect chef knives, they can be used for cutting, slicing, paring, boning, peeling, etc. These knives mostly feature TRP-coated handles and are easy-to-use for long hours.


Timberline Knives Belt Sheaths, Sharpeners & Accessories: Timberline manufactures a wide range of tactical knives, everyday carry knives, machetes, etc. To carry those knives, the manufacturer also offers proper sheaths, covers, cases, and pouches. The series includes knife sharpeners that help in retaining knives’ sharpness, making them perfect for versatile use.


Timberline Machetes: What makes the machetes by Timberline popular is their dual use as a knife and an axe when required. The machetes have full-tang, stainless-steel construction. The rubber handles make it easy to handle the machetes. Some of them also feature partially serrated edges, which makes them ideal for surgical and precise cutting.


Timberline Multi-Tools: The series includes wide range of multipurpose tools like torch wench, retractable utility knife, and heat pack hand warmer. These multi-utility tools prove to be beneficial for traveling, hunting, and camping.


Timberline Paracord Belt Series: The belt series includes hand-woven cord belts that feature heavy-duty buckles and are available in various finishes. The belt can be used for everyday wear as well as a multi-tool as you travel. The hand-woven cords feature weave patterns and are easy to adjust. 

Timberline Sheaths: Explore the space for Para cord sheaths by Timberline. The sheaths make it easy to carry the utility tools. Timberline Workhorse Knife: The series is recognized for linerlock knives that feature G-10 handle. Explore the knife series for partially-serrated 440 stainless-steel blade with black titanium nitrate coting. The knives feature ambidextrous thumb studs that reduce fatigue.  


Timberline Alaskan Knife Series: The series includes an assortment of knives that have stainless-steel construction. These knives are designed by Russ Kommer. These knives are fixed blade and heavy-duty. Featuring full-tang construction and Zytel handle, these knives are compact and great as you go out camping. These Alaskan knives are mostly used for skinning, tethering of tents, and as an emergency tool for bush planes.


Timberline Battlehog Knife Series: The series comprises of folding pocket knives with linerlock mechanism and trademark Vallotton Kickstart assisted-opening technology that ensures rapid deployment of the blade for both left- and right-hand users. The slip-resistant grip makes it easy to operate the knives using wet hands. These knives have stainless-steel blades, dual thumb studs and thumb ridges.

Timberline Cape Cod Kitchen Knife Series: The series includes unique chef knives and cutlery that are required in food preparation. The knives feature razor sharp blades. These knives are constructed using technical ceramic, ensuring superior cutting performance. The smooth TPR handles with soft rubber feel make them easy to operate for longer durations without and discomfort.


Timberline ECS Knife Series: The series is designed by Brian Fellhoelter and includes a range of heavy and robust fixed blade knives. The ECS knives have a full tang that makes them ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Safe to carry and use, these fixed blade knives have an edge spear point tip and usually feature Zytel handles with machine-cut holes. These knives are ideal for cutting, slicing, hunting, combating. 


Timberline Kickstart Knife Series: The series includes an assortment of tactical knives. Featuring linerlock mechanism, the knives have partially-serrated blades with standard edges which make them easy to operate with ambidextrous thumb studs. The pocket clip makes it easy to carry the knives around. The linerlock has a switch assisted-opening mechanism with a Vallotton/Ochs-designed assisted opener.


Timberline Kommer Knife Series: The knife series is named after world-renowned blade smith, Russ Kommer. The series includes an assortment of knives sporting different blade designs, shapes, and handle colors. The series includes several kit combinations. The blades are complemented with ergonomic handles and classic style. Most knives are fixed blade knives and feature jimping spots for controlled cutting and fine detail work.   


Timberline Tactical Pen Series: The tactical pen series includes writing tools that work great even as tactical weapons. This personal defense tool is a usable ball point pen and is easy to carry. The pens have lightweight aluminum construction. These pens have medium ink cartridge, making them ideal for police, military personnel, and executives who require reliability and performance.


Timberline Vallotton Knife Series: The knife series is recognized for folding pocket knives that feature unique locking mechanisms ranging from linerlocks to framelocks. The series is known for signature assisting opening. Explore the series for variety of blade designs with features like lanyard hole and thumb thuds for smooth operation.

Timberline Wegner Knife Series: The series by folding pocket knives for a variety of applications. These knives are easy and safe to carry and widely include linerlock folding knives. Expect the knives to feature either gut hook blade or serrated blade for maximum performance. Designed by Tim Wegner, these knives are perfect for small outdoor tasks.


Timberline Wortac Knife Series: The series is best known for high-quality tactical knives with stainless-steel construction and high-edge retention blades. The series usually includes folding pocket knives with distinctive blade designs like serrated, standard, etc. The knives boast ergonomic G-10 handles with a glass breaker end for solid grip.



The products by Timberline Knives are free from manufacturing defects. The manufacturer replaces or repairs the product with a new item in case of any such defect. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against the products subjected to misuse or normal wear. It is to be noted that the knives and tools need to be used for the intended purpose only. In case of damage due to misuse, the repair department will analyze the damage and charge a reasonable repair fee.


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