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Shadow Tech Knives

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Shadow Tech Knives are a solution for those who don’t want to carry heavy gear. Offering immense ease of carrying, Shadow Tech Knives can be worn around the neck and laced into a gear. Shadow Tech is a reliable Sheath System provider. Shadow Tech sheath designs offer more than 32(+) different positions for carrying a knife.


The Popular Options

Polytech Series is widely preferred in the segment of Shadow Tech Knives. Made from strong-yet-lightweight material, the knives (in this series) are made using Scorpions and push dagger designs. An ideal knife, in this category is expected to feature a Steel Lanyard Ring. This ring makes it easier to carry the knife without worrying about the chances of being hurt by an improperly protected knife.


The catalogue of Shadow Tech Knives includes Compact Karambit C.T.K., street fighter karambit, Hunters, Fighters, Poly Tech Knives, PROTOTYPES and many more. The knifing brand is also approached for designing Damascus & ltd. Editions knives.


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