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Randall King Knives

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Widely renowned for precision and accuracy in design, functionality; the knives manufactured by Randall King Knives are crafted laboriously for precise motions, folding and grip. With precision electronic milling machines and computer-aided design, the finished products are a perfect balance between modern art and technology. Only the best quality blades with mirror finish and laser etching provide the best experience in cutting, slicing, pruning and other handiwork.


What does Randall King Knives Offer?

A range of foldable and fixed blade knives is made specifically for various tactical and outdoor applications. The desert enforcer blends ergonomic design with tactical dependability, while the swift striker offers speedy retraction and response time. A few traditional designs such as lynx for old school knife lovers are well complimented by modern day design of the Siphon and the snitch.


Understand the Randall King Knife Legacy

Maintaining the highest quality and standards since the establishment of the company, Randall King Knives believes in technology. They employ the innovative technology with computer-aided designing, precision electronic milling and rigorous testing under severe conditions. The result is a tool so precise, so tolerant that it readily adapts to its new user and can bear tough conditions while assisting its owner for years.

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