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Not everybody is a trained martial art expert or understands street combat; there comes a need to have an EDC Self-defense product that works best in every situation. And, Tactikey is a name that caters to the requirements of regular EDC product users that turns into a self-defense product when required.


The company has emerged as one of the most reliable name in the market with the introduction of Tactikey Self Defence Keychains that work flawlessly in real life situations. Tactikey believes that people need to be completely aware and prepared beforehand for every tactical scenario. Tactikey has successfully entered the world of civilian self-defense with everyday carry concepts and strategy.


Being Vigilant and Situationally Aware With Tactikey

No intense training is required to use the Self Defence Keychains by Tactikey. The keychains are designed and constructed in a way that they fit properly and comfortably between your index and middle finger, while offering excellent grip to hold on for longer duration. The intuitive design of the keychain is a defining feature that increases the safety and effectiveness while using in real life scenario. When the situation does not allow carrying a knife or overbearingly large self-defense devices, then making Tactikey your companion would be a wiser decision. Loading the key against a hard surface and making it user ready is easy; it takes few seconds to be prepared for any task.


Ergonomic Design and Lightweight Self-Defence Keychains

The most important factor while buying an EDC self-defense product is the carrying ability and deployment. And, Self Defense Keychains by Tactikey makes a great example of this. With the keychain, the company sets a constant reminder to be always attentive and situationally aware. The keychains are lightweight, effective, and made using the Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) Composite. The easy to use self-defense product has ergonomic design and is allowed everywhere owing to the non-threatening appearance. The keychains seem to be very small but are extremely useful to penetrate the subject with a painful but non-fatal strike.



The company allows users to purchase the Tactikey Self Defense Keychains with 110% return policy within the 30 days of purchase. Complete satisfaction guarantees on every buy. The products are available through the retailers and other stores as well; while the return policy may differ with every store.


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