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Work Sharp Knife Sharpeners

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Work Sharp Knife Tools is an American company, famous for manufacturing and providing best-designed knife sharpeners and tools. The brand runs under renowned industrial bit sharpener manufacturing company Darex.  Darex was founded in 1973 by three generations of the Bernard family. DAREX is the initial of David, Arthur and Richard Bernard, the hard-working members of both the Bernard and Darex family.


The company headquarter is in Oregon, the United States, where Mathew Bernard, the fourth generation of the Bernard Family, is working along with experienced craftsmen to produce quality products. Work Sharp Knife Tools offers an extensive range of best-selling knife sharpening tools in different product series including Ken Onion Knife Sharpener, Pocket Knife Sharpener and Work Sharp Blade Grinding Attachments.


Expect Practically Designed, Made-in-USA Tools

The company assures to provide quality tools with quality components and back them with the finest customer support services. Each Work Sharp Knife Tools product is well-researched and excellently crafted to achieve maximum accuracy. The knife sharpeners and grinding kits are highly functional and provides a long-performance life. The brand is recognized to design, engineer and calibrate the sharpening machines that can sharp and grind different types of blades, cutting edge and serrations. Work Sharp Knife Tools follows a stringent quality controls and rules to ensure quality tools and products.


Explore Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Knife Sharpeners  

Work Sharp Knife Tools offers a plethora of knife sharpening tools that ensure a sharp edge to any type of knife. The different sharpeners work well with different kinds of knives. The company dedicatedly follow the philosophy of producing reusable and recyclable tools using ethically resourced material like leather and polymer. Work Sharp Knife Tools has a 110kW solar power system that produces half of the electricity used in a year by the company. A recycle unit is employed to process the waste including steel, aluminum, plastics and other metals to use them in manufacturing the knife sharpeners and tools.


Quality Products Manufactured Using Advanced Technology

Work Sharp Knife Tools work dedicatedly to manufacture knife sharpening tools that are thus built robust and are durable. The brand offers an exceeding range of knife sharpeners like Ken Onion Knife Sharpener, Pocket Knife Sharpener, and much more that largely caters to knife enthusiasts and hobbyists.


Work Sharp Blade Grinding Attachments: The series offers industry like, heavy duty blade grinding tools that are highly preferred by professional bladesmith and knife makers. These grinding tools are manufacture from metal components with different attachments including reference plate, hub fasteners, angle lever, bench mounting tab and grind plate. Most of these tools feature five abrasive belts including X4-Fine, P120-Extra coarse, 12000 Extra Fine, X22-Medium, and X65-coarse.


Work Sharp Combo Sharpening Kits:  It offers a wide range of both electric and manual knife sharpeners designed to sharpen different outdoor knives, kitchen knives, pocket knives, and serrations. The sharpening tools feature flexible belt technology that ensures superior convex cutting edge on the knives. The well-crafted design of these tools can grip and sharpen different types of blade steel without excessive heating. The combo sharpening kit includes two abrasive belts that are engineered for cool sharpening and long-life performance.


Work Sharp Guided Sharpener Series: The huge collection of field sharpening tools features Pivot-response system that makes the sharpening process easier and faster. The guided sharpeners with leather strop can sharpen and grid different types of blades and serrations. This compact knife sharpeners feature coarse and fine diamond plates and ceramic rods. 


Work Sharp Ken Onion Sharpener Series: This is one of the best-selling knife sharpener series offered by Work Sharp Knife Tools. The adjustable sharpening guide manufactures precise edge bevels. The premium flexible abrasive belts ensure strong, long lasting, razor-sharp edge. The Ken Onion Sharpeners can sharpen different type of knives, blade edge and serration.


Work Sharp Original Sharpener Series:  The sharpeners in the series can give cutting edge to any kind of knife. Most of these knife sharpeners feature replaceable abrasive grit belts and flexible belt technology that ensure long-lasting sharp, consistent, repeatable and perfectly grind blade.


Warranty: Providing Best to the Customers

Work Sharp Knife Tools provides limited lifetime warranty on its products. Every tool manufactured by Work Sharp Knife Tools is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. SIG Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Work Sharp Knife Tools product that is defective. Some of the Work Sharp Knife Tools cannot be repaired due to the limited availability of parts. Under such situation, the brand will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. Work Sharp Knife Tools does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. The products from are intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


Exploring Versatile Range of Knives and Hand Tools at Knife Country

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