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Marser Knives

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Marser Knives is the parent company of SoF GmbH established in Berlin, Germany. The brand created this unique line of knives based on the preferences and wishes of customers. Marser knives are designed for residents of the contemporary conurbation. They are effective, lightweight, handy and sophisticated. Marser knives are also made for every day carry purpose. These ergonomically designed knives are tough and ideal for strenuous work, while providing comfort and safety.


What to Expect From Marser Knives?

Marser Knives are strong, precise and sharp, just like the Germanic tribe called, Marser that fought the authority of Rome courageously, resulting in a brilliant victory at the end. Marser knives were basically created to serve the varying demands of the customers in the best way possible. The brand offers knives, which are manufactured from premium-grade materials like aluminum and vanadium. Following is a list of section of customers that the brand serves in terms of knives:

  • Citizens:This collection of knives is mostly folding, or fixed blades that serve the needs of ordinary citizens, who would need a sharp, precise knife in their households. These knives are used for cooking preparations or repair work.
  • Warrior: These knives are specially built for all those people who go out into the real world, either for adventure or combat. The handle is always anti-slippery, and the tactical blade is always ergonomic with adaptable skills.
  • Hunter: Hunter knives serve the purpose of hunting with an added mix of comfort, so that every strenuous activity you do becomes a bit easier.


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