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Bartender Pocket Knives


Struggling to find their place in mainstream recognition, Bartender Knives have minimally transformed themselves, in comparison to their somewhat modest origins. This is surprising since Bartender Knives have been around for nearly a century. A Bartending Knife is typically a special knife, which features a spear blade and corkscrew as the most critical ingredients. Sometimes, a Bartender Knife can include a bottle opener, pen blade, and label cutter for taking upon a larger range of practical applications.


Tracking History of Bartender Knives

Popularity of Bartender Knives shot up in 1897. The most basic design of a Bartender Knife is Stanhope-type. The term ‘Stanhope’ refers to a magnifying peep window, which is placed along a knife’s handle.


Construction of Bartender Knives

An ideal Bartender Knife is inclusive of a fancy handle with a spear-master blade and pen at the top. It is highly probable one will come across a nifty label cutter on the opposite end of such knives. The patent corkscrew on the spine is another highlight. 


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