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Buck Impact Auto Knives by Buck Knives

Buck Impact Auto Knives: Unleashing Superior Performance with a Touch of a Button


Welcome to the world of Buck Impact Auto Knives, an extraordinary range that seamlessly melds the high-quality standards of Buck Knives with the effortless functionality of automatic knives. Perfectly embodying Buck Knives' unyielding commitment to craftsmanship and reliability, these knives are engineered to offer unparalleled performance with a mere push of a button.


Each Buck Impact Auto knife is fitted with a CPM S30V stainless steel blade, renowned for its superb edge retention, resistance to corrosion, and excellent toughness. These characteristics ensure that your knife performs consistently under varying conditions. Finished in a sleek black coat, the blades lend an air of sophistication and a promise of durability.


The Buck Impact Auto Knives collection boasts a range of color options for aluminum handles, each designed with a black rubber inserts to provide enhanced grip and comfort during extended use. Choose from the striking blue of the BU898BLS1, the earthy coyote tan of the BU898BRS1, or the practice green of the BU898GRS1. Each variant brings with it a distinct personality without compromising on the rugged durability Buck Knives are known for.


An automatic opening mechanism underscores the convenience these knives offer. With a thumb pull for easy blade deployment and a safety mechanism to prevent accidental opening, these knives showcase thoughtful design. Additionally, a pocket clip ensures secure storage and transport, reinforcing the utility of these versatile knives.


Proudly made in the USA, Buck Impact Auto knives are a testament to Buck's commitment to maintaining stringent quality control measures. Each knife comes boxed, making them ideal as gifts for knife enthusiasts or a treat for yourself.


Browse through Knife Country USA's selection of Buck Impact Auto knives and experience the exceptional blend of Buck's tradition and innovation. Whether for everyday tasks, outdoor adventures, or collection purposes, these knives deliver unmatched performance and reliability.