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Fishing Shears by Bubba Blade

Bubba fishing shears are carefully designed to make a light work of the task. From cutting a line to processing the catch, the fishing shears are great for fishermen and outdoorsy people. These fishing shears incorporate TiNi coated stainless micro-serrated blades, engineered with a heightened focus on making the fishing chores such as clipping fins, cutting off fillets and easier than ever. The titanium coating on the blades grants them exemplary durability making them resistant to normal corrosive factors, and harsh effects of water. Bubba fishing shears are paired with polymer handles that provide a sure, non-slip grip, allowing the user to complete the task at hand with precision. The shears handle combines multiple tools such as fish descaler, hook eye cleaner, bottle opener, lanyard loop, hook sharpener, and crimper tool, which make them an amazing pick for all the saltwater and freshwater fishing adventures. One of the defining characteristics of these fishing shears is that the blades can be fully removed for cleaning.