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Stanley Master Series by Stanley Classic Thermos - Mugs

Stanley master series is one of the toughest product ranges introduced by Stanley. These products are constructed with thicker stainless-steel metal (1.0 mm), making them virtually indestructible and its innovative QuadVac™ insulation gives four layers of hot/cold protection, so that food and drinks stay at the ideal temperature longer. This heavy-duty, stainless-steel metal collection includes The Unbreakable Wide Mouth Hip Flask for your favorite liquor, along with Thermal Bottles, Trigger-Action Mugs, and The Unbreakable Packable Mug. You can also choose from two Unbreakable Vacuum Food Jars. They keep drinks hot for forty hours, cold for 35 hours and protects ice from melting for approximately 160 hours. These are rust-proof and naturally BPA-free bottles with 18/8 stainless construction and steel handle and are also dishwasher safe. Their new offering Stanley 02659 Stanley Master Vacuum Bottle with Steel Handle with Silicone Grip is a container with matte black casing. They come with a steel handle that has a silicon grip. Another prominent feature is steel-line pour through stopper.