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Lion Steel TiSpine Knife Series by Lion-Steel Knives

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Lion Steel Tispine Knife Series includes attractive-looking and efficient foldable blade knives. This series is designed by RYP and is famed for its unique handle design. Most of the knives in the series feature handles with curvy lines which allows a very firm grip. It is forged from premium titanium material and milled from a single piece of titanium. The 4D machined handle is available in a shiny and matte finish. Each finish has three color options.to choose from: grey, bronze, and violet for the matte version, gray, gold, and blue for the shiny version. The handle has a solid frame lock mechanism for quick and smooth retraction and deployment. The Tispine Knife is paired with a solid blade made from M390 steel. It is third-generation powdered steel that offers virtually no non-metal inclusions and an extremely uniform distribution of carbides. These knives are equipped with a deep pocket carry clip for concealed carry and come packaged in a unique plexiglass tube.

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