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Bubba Blade is a company with innovative ideas dedicated to making the fishing industry more advanced by providing the best quality of knives and other equipment.  Known as the pioneer of the fishing and hunting equipment industry, Bubba Blade is credited to have started the fillet knife revolution by launching first red-handled fillet knife with 9” Stiffie and 9” flex in 2009.


Fillet Knife series by Bubba Blade has a range of knives that are designed to be used for easy and smooth meat cutting. They are made with high carbon stainless razor-sharp blade that cuts through the meat like a knife cuts through butter. The TPR handles of these knives provide a strong grip and the finger and thumb pads prevent slipping and any such accidents. Fillet knives also have a lanyard hole that can be used to tie them to a backpack during camping or trekking. Some knives in this series are made very compact so that they can be used as a normal knife for everyday purposes as well. Most of the knives in fillet knife series are designed in such a way that they can be used on land as well as on sea, their size and weight make them comfortable to be carried on hunting trips. A sheath is also provided with these knives to avoid damage to the blade and accidents. Since the launch of its first fillet knife, Bubba Blade has introduced fillet knives with different sizes and fillet knife series include all of those knives.

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