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Maxpedition Mini Rolly-Poly Series by Maxpedition Gear

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Founded in 2003, Maxpedition presents a collection of products manufactured with in-depth experience and reliable research. In 2016 & 2017, the tactical gear company launched and expended AGR (Advanced Gear Research) for improved product. Explore from an array of products including bags, picked, cardholders, phone holders and more.


The Maxpedition Mini Rolly-Poly Series is exclusively designed with a range of compact and lightweight pouches to carry for tactical trips and adventure journeys like hunting, camping, climbing, trekking, and more. Understanding the needs to carry small items including headlights, gloves, pocket knives, and other essentials, Maxpedition brings easy-to-carry pouches. Made using high tensile strength nylon webbing, the travel pouch ensures strength and boost the life span. This makes for a preferable pick for most users engaged in traveling every now and then. The folding pouches are designed with pockets that allow them to carry a standard 1L Nalgene bottle whenever traveling outdoors. To ensure an easy and convenient carry, the tactical pouches have interval belt loop. The loop can be attached to the waistband and the user can experience a hustle-free experience day long. Made in Taiwan, the exclusive range includes products that are perfect for gifting to close ones. The pouches are one-stop solution for most people concerned about a solid carry bag for tactical purposes. Available in a variety of colors, Maxpedition aims to provide maximum user comfort. 


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