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Buck Pathfinder Knife Series by Buck Knives

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Buck Knives is a long-running and reliable company in the industry. It offers an assurance of quality products and lifetime warranty with excellent and experienced craftsmanship. Expect a range of products such as sheaths, sharpeners, multitools, traditional pocket knives, fixed blade knives, and Buck apparel from this company. The premium products, innovative designs, and patent heat treatment make them distinctive and dependable.


Buck Pathfinder Knife Series includes a range of fixed blade knives that will perfectly complement your hunting, camping, trekking, and mountaineering gear. These knives feature high-quality stainless-steel blades that make them strong to tackle uncertain and tough circumstances for self-defense and public security. These blades can withstand high compression and pressure that adds to the life span of the knives. Considering handles are extremely significant for a knife user, the knives of this series are made using high-performing phenolic and dymondwood material. The phenolic handle is easy to work with, offering a stronger and comfortable grip. Dymondwood handles offer a tougher base than the other woods that add to the durability and stability of the knives. The knives come with black leather sheath. One of the most popular picks for sheath materials, leather keeps the knife clean, sharing and protect the blades from scratching, denting, and other wear and tears. The knives are designed with brass guard and pommel that reinforces the butt that makes it useful for striking or hammering. Expect all these functions with high-quality backed with a lifetime warranty.


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Acknowledging the rising standards for customer satisfaction in the e-commerce space, Knife Country ensures that each probable buyer gets the perfect buying journey, right from the first click on a trending bestseller to the last swipe for making an online payment. The procurement team at Knife Country constantly scouts the marketplace for new products that are grabbing attention. Many multi-tools at Knife Country have been trusted by research professionals, long-distance travelers, trekkers, campers, climbers, mountaineers, outdoor explorers, or those who often come across environments that threaten survival, as a part of their professional profile.


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