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Spyderco Cricket Knife Series by Spyderco Knives

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Spyderco is a world-renowned brand for its Paramilitary and Spyderco Endura Series of knives. Manufacturing knives in variety of designs, Spyderco has been a pioneer in introducing round hole concept in the blade. Be it the one-hand opening design, serrations on a folder or the clip that attaches knife to pocket, the brand has revolutionized the trends in the knife industry.


Cricket Series Knives

The Cricket knife series includes a range of framelock knives. These easy to carry knives are compact and lightweight. These knives have a sleek profile and are invented by Chris Reeve. These have a unique construction and blade shapes along with intricate details. The ‘S’ shaped stainless steel handles enhance the grip of the user. These folding knives are secure to carry and are available in variety of blade designs-standard, serrated etc. The knives feature a lanyard hole that makes it easy to carry and extract them from your pockets and bags. The knife can be put to use for cutting, slicing, when you go for camping, outdoor adventures etc. 


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