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Stanley Camp Cooking & Frying Gear by Stanley Classic Thermos - Mugs

Stanley was established as a brand in 1913 by William Stanley. The brand offers a wide range of food and beverage gears, which include-spirit containers, vacuum bottles, flasks, lunchboxes, mugs, hydration bottles, and many more. Selling leak proof and rustproof items, the legendary brand is committed to delivering the best to its customers.


Camp Cooking & Frying Gear

Camping becomes more fun when you have the appropriate gear with you. Stanley brings you camping gear that helps you with your adventurous trips. With a promise of providing rugged camping gear for food and beverages, the camp cooking and frying gear by Stanley stands the test of time. With the capability of out-performing harshest conditions, camping gears comprise BPA-free utensils that have a stainless-steel construction. These dishwasher safe utensils make life easier for campers who love to cook as they explore the wilderness. These utensils are heat-resistant, too. Cook on camp stoves or grills with vented lids and enjoy sumptuous meals with family and friends.


Knife Country USA: Choose from the Best!

Knife Country USA is a one-stop megastore for an assortment of household products, survival gears, kitchen cutlery, saws, knives, water bottles, shears and scissors, security equipment, etc. Established in 2001, the brand has, after gaining success in the wholesale industry, expanded its operations by opening its doors to the end user.