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Princeton Tec Flashlights Switch Rail Series by Princeton Tec Flashlights

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Princeton Tec is a renowned American company known for manufacturing top lighting equipment. It is a trusted brand in the US market, adored for years for its simplicity, reliability, water tightness and current stabilization. The company is constantly pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than four decades since its inception in 1975.


All You Need to Know About the Series


Switch Rail is a low-signature weapon-mounted task light. Designed for navigation, signature reduction, stealth structure search and breaching operations, this light has recessed LEDs that provide discreet lighting. Switch Rail attaches directly to Picatinny Rail for secure mounting. A single button allows access to momentary or constant lighting modes. LED options include choice of IR/Red, IR/White or Red/White LEDs. Lights in this series come with 10 lumens brightness and a burn time of 24 hours.


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