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Camillus Camlite Knife Series by Camillus Knives

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It was in 1876 that Camillus Cutlery started its journey. Since then, Camillus has been a renowned name for its excellent craftsmanship that gives it a worldwide following. The brand has been serving hikers, trekkers, campers and knife enthusiasts with its wide variety of different knives and tools. The products by Camillus are made using premium quality material like carbonitride titanium that adds toughness and durability.


Camlite Knife Series by Camillus offers an assortment of everyday pocket knives that can serve many purposes on your outdoor expeditions. The knives from this range feature Carbonitride Titanium coated Japanese AUS-8 stainless blade that offers a good balance of toughness, edge sharpness, and corrosion resistance. Some of the Camillus Camlite knives have 440 stainless constructed blades which withstand rust and helps the knife stay functional for a longer period. The knives feature drop point blades that effortlessly pierce, stabs and can slice through different objects. These tactical knives also feature dual thumb studs that provide extra assistance in opening and closing the knives during crisis situations. The handles are constructed with textured black glass filled nylon handles which is a popular material for knife handles because of its impact resistance, chemical inertness, and stability at high temperatures. The knives also feature a stainless pocket clip that makes retrieving the knife easily, saving the time of the user. One can surf through the Camlite Knife Series and discover knives for various purposes under various occasions.


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