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Uzi Commander Knife Series by Uzi Knives

Uzi is globally known for dealing in its three major knife categories: folding knives, throwing knives, and fixed-blade knives. Having been around for over 50 years now, this legendary Israeli brand was named after the famous Uzi family. Distributing its products to around 90 countries, the company has been making waves in the knife and weapon industries, with its new and innovative designs introduced by Fred Carter.


The Commander Series


Nobody can put you down so easily when you are on the field, if you have one of the Commander series knives. Be it a sharp dagger knife or a heavy-duty fixed blade that is included in this category, you are certainly going to give a tough fight to your opponent with these in hand. Uzi tactical knives are world famous, be it a throwing knife, a fixed blade, or a folding knife. This range comprises mostly fixed blades for a variety of applications. With variance in blade designs – serrated, standard, etc. – these offer a natural grip, making it easy to access and operate them.


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