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Spyderco Stretch Knife Series by Spyderco Knives

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Spyderco started its journey in 1976 by manufacturing Tri-Angle Sharpmaker. Set up in Golden Colorado, USA, the brand was founded by Sal and Gail Glesser. In 1980’s the duo introduced a wide range of modern folding and non-folding knives that not only deliver high-performance but are known for their utilitarian design and unusual aesthetics. With a worldwide distribution network in U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and China, the brand has been successful in being one of leaders in the knife and cutlery industry. 


Stretch Series

This particular series by Spyderco was designed specifically for the personal use of the owner and chief of the brand.  Incorporating all the features he wanted the knives to be integrated with-right from blade steel with edge retention to FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle with Bi-Directional Texturing, the knives can be used in a number of ways. These lockback knives can be used for outdoor cutting, be it cutting cardboards, ropes, wood, and anything that one comes across in the wilderness. Hence, the knife is ideal for outdoor endeavors. The knives are available in a PlainEdge, SpyderEdge or CombinationEdge blade designs.


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