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Hanwei, is one of the leading sword manufacturing firms, which is now operated by famous sword maker Paul Chen. On the lines of traditional art of Japanese sword making, Paul Chen Swords are designed and developed. Today, Hanwei swords or Paul Chen Sword are globally distributed to sword aficionados, display artists, etc., through large vendor chains, with a special mention to The United States.


The Man Himself : Paul Chen

Before founding the firm, he was merely a Chinese sword collector in California. Following his passion, he started his factory in Dalian in 1991.  Here, he was tasked to create exact replicas of Edo period Japanese swords at the most inexpensive rates. This is when and how, he ventured in the hearts of hobbyists and museum artists. Some of the most popular specimens are Viking sword, knightly sword and hand-and-a-half swords. Samurai swords were one of the most popular Paul Chen Swords. Regarded as a symbolic of Japanese art, Paul Chen Swords are even appreciated a lot by martial artists and collectors.  

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