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Paul Chen Fixed Blade Knives by Paul Chen Swords

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Founded by Paulo Chen, Paul Chen Swords – earlier named Hanwei – is a remarkable sword maker in the market. After realizing the lack of reach of antique and custom-made swords, Paulo became a custom sword maker himself to cater to requirements of sword enthusiasts and serious professionals. Today, the brand enjoys its legacy in both Asia and the United States.


Reliable for Life: Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are straight knives that cannot fold back, hence being safe for users as they thrust in. Also called sheath knives, these beauties have blades extended into the tang, which makes them stable and rigid. Fixed blade knives have stationary parts, so you won’t accidently hurt yourself while using them. They are prominently used to make tools, process wood, start a fire, dig holes when required, hit stuff, make shelter, and rescue people.


Knife Country USA: Where Authentic Is Priority

We run a small, family-owned business and deal in a variety of survival and tactical tools, weapons and accessories, both for serious professionals and recreational purposes. With proper training and expertise that we have gained over the years, each product at our marketplace goes out only after thorough inspection. From money clips and dog tags to gift box knives, Knife Country USA is a one-stop destination hands down!

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