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A young sword enthusiast from Taiwan, Paul Chen had keen interest in developing the finest and functional range of swords. Based in Dalian, China, Hanwei is a brand known for the craftsmanship of traditional swords. Paul Chen made sure that the knife and sword makers gain tremendous base of knowledge in construction and metallurgical techniques. From Samurai swords to traditional medieval style swords Paul Chen’s brand Hanwei aces the art of manufacturing.


Sword Canes by Paul Chen Hanwei is a series of decorative swords that are fully functional at the same time. This series have a wide variety of designs like skull top, big dog sword, octopus top, and many more. These cane swords are made from high-quality carbon steel to provide durability to withstand the test of time. Most of these swords are designed with a concealed triangular blade that gives a visually distinctive appeal. Many cane swords in this series feature a slim tapering fiberglass cane in gloss black finish with a rubber tip. The designer head tops of these canes make them decorative accent pieces. The blades have a needle-sharp point that offers a clean cut. These swords can be released from the concealed cane case by operating a push-button latch at the ferrule. The impeccable design with a clean finish make these cane swords a desirable option for many collectors and many aristocrats. All the products in the inventory of Paul Chen Hanwei are manufactured and assembled in China.


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