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Paul Chen Banshee Sword Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Paul Chen Hanwei Swords has gained a significant status in the knife and sword-making industry. The cornerstone of Paul Chen Hanwei Swords was laid down in 1991. Since the inception, Paul Chen has been manufacturing inexpensive replicas of Edo period Japanese swords. The swords manufactured are well known among collectors, martial artists, and practitioners of Iaido. The comprehensive range offered by Paul Chen Hanwei Swords includes models of Chinese and European swords as well as typical specimens of a Viking swords.


Paul Chen Banshee Sword Series features superbly balanced cutting swords that can be used for slashing through jungle growth with ease. Developed from the Burmese “Da” & the Thai “Krabi”, these Banshee Swords are forged from excellent quality high-carbon steel and considered as the ultimate brush cutters. The extremely strong design and robust construction of Banshee Sword ensures longevity while side rings designed to allow several carrying options. Banshee Swords features rugged full-length tang for power and rugged reliability alongside spring clip that offers retention of the sword in the scabbard. The spiral-wrapped black leather grip handle of Banshee Sword provides excellent handling qualities.


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