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Paul Chen Swords Raptor Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Hanwei, now known as Paul Chen Swords, is one of the leading sword-making firms. Owned by famous bladesmith Paulo Chen, the brand walks on the path of traditional Japanese art of sword making. Today, it operates globally, catering to sword aficionados and display artists. Paul Chen Swords has turned out to be the missing link between antique swords and sword enthusiasts.


A Fantasy Masterpiece: Raptor Swords

Raptor swords is a fantasy series by Paul Chen Swords and comprises katana, wakizashi, and tanto swords. These three sword types are among Japanese traditional weapons and were used by samurais and swordsmen. A katana sword has a curved, single-edged blade with extended grip for two-handed usage, while the blade of a wakizashi sword ranges from 30 cm to 60 cm. A tanto sword is short in size and mainly used for stabbing and piercing.


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