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Paul Chen Scottish Sword Series by Paul Chen Swords

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A young sword enthusiast from Taiwan, Paul Chen had keen interest in developing the finest and functional range of swords. Based in Dalian, China, Hanwei is a brand known for the craftsmanship of traditional swords. Paul Chen made sure that the knife and sword makers gain tremendous base of knowledge in construction and metallurgical techniques. From Samurai swords to traditional medieval style swords Paul Chen’s brand Hanwei aces the art of manufacturing.


The series of Scottish swords by Paul Chen Hanwei are inspired by the designs of the Mainstay of Highland warriors from 15th and 16th centuries. The swords in this series are forged in high carbon steel that provides durability to withstand wear and tear. These swords feature a vintage design that makes them perfect for collectors, historians, samurais, and re-enactors. All the swords in this series have an antique finish that provides resistance to rust and corrosion. The anatomical features like ring guard and ball pommel make the swords highly functional. The swords in this niche are characterized by their differently colored leather handles. The ergonomically designed handles offer tight and firm grip, preventing the chances of accidental injuries. Most of these swords are specially designed with a wall mounting feature, making it a statement piece for interior decors. All the products in the inventory of Paul Chen Hanwei are proudly manufactured and assembled in China.


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