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Paul Chen Chinese Cutting Sword Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Paul Chen Hanwei Swords was initiated by Paul Chen in 1991. Paul, a Chinese sword collector started Hanwei Swords with the initiative of offering affordable swords to the martial artists. Located in Dalian, Paul Chen Hanwei Swords manufactures inexpensive replicas of Edo period Japanese swords. The swords are built following the same process as expensive ones to ensure longevity. The swords from Paul Chen enjoy considerable success among hobbyists, collectors, and practitioners of Iaido.


Paul Chen Chinese Cutting Sword Series features outstanding collection of swords that reflects age old legacies of Chinese Swordsmanship. Most of the Chinese Cutting Swords from Paul Chen are designed by noted martial artist and teacher Scott M. Rodell. These Chinese Cutting Swords are manufactured using steel which is developed with special steel formulation and heat treatment. These swords are optimized for edge hardness, body toughness and possess ideal characteristics of cutting sword. The artisans at Paul Chen have provided these Chinese Swords with rayskin grips to ensure secure handling. Most of the Chinese Cutting Swords from Paul Chen come with rosewood scabbard carrying fittings that matches the hilt.


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