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Paul Chen Hand-and-a-Half Sword Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Paul Chen Hanwei Swords has gained huge recognition in the global knife making market for its inexpensive replicas of Edo period Japanese swords. The company started its operations in 1991 and headquartered in Dalian. Forged and tampered from premium quality steel, Paul Chen Hanwei Swords are strongly built to withstand the rigors of cutting exercises in the dojo. The swords from Paul Chen are very popular among collectors, hobbyists, and practitioners.


Hand-and-a-Half Sword Series features swords that reflect the pinnacle of beauty and balance in medieval swords. Hand-and-a-Half Sword is the replica of sword that thought to be of the Albrecht II of Austria. The original swords were used in the early part of the 15th century. The artisans at Paul Chen has successfully replicated the original design that features a flattened diamond-section blade and cruciform hilt. The pommel Hand-and-a-Half Sword from Paul Chen carries Lion Rampant emblem of the Habsburg dynasty while the blade contains the Passau Running Wolf guild mark and a marigold makers’ mark. The grip of the Hand-and-a-Half sword features a cord wrap. Most of the models from Hand-and-a-Half Sword Series come with leather scabbards.


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