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Paul Chen Swords Practical Plus Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Paul Chen Swords is a leading sword manufacturer earlier known as Hanwei. The brand deals in Samurai swords, which have acted as its corner stone. Having worked with antique pieces for years now, it has obtained a great knowledge base in techniques of metallurgy and construction. Here, from a martial artist to a collector, everyone will get state-of-the-art Samurai swords.


A Quick Overview of the Practical Plus Series

The Practical Plus Series by Paul Chen comprises katana swords, wakizashi swords, and tanto swords.


Katana sword – A traditional Japanese sword used by samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. Katana swords have a curved, single-edged blade, and the guard comes circular and squared. The grip of a katana sword is made long for two-handed use.


Wakizashi sword – With a blade length range of 30–60 cm, wakizashi swords were worn alongside a katana sword to indicate that the warrior was a swordsman or a samurai.


Tanto sword – Also called a short sword, this one, too, is a samurai class weapon that dates to the Heian period. Tanto swords were mainly designed for piercing and stabbing, which is suggestive of its pointy end.


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