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Hanwei is one of the most renowned brands that manufactures the finest quality of traditional swords. Hanwei was established by a young sword enthusiast - Paul Chen from Taiwan. The brand gained its worldwide recognition after introducing a pioneering range of European-style swords in to the market. The trained artisans and craftsmen at Hanwei assure the customers to provide them with products that are quality constructed utilizing the finest metallurgical techniques.


Scrimitar Series by Paul Chen Hanwei includes a large variety of curved blade swords that are designed to deliver powerful unstoppable slashes with its long cutting edge. All the swords in this series are made from high-quality unsharpened carbon steel that provides durability to withstand impact. These swords are the variation of traditional “shamshir” that are often used by the infantry to deliver more power blows when delivered from horseback. These swords are known for offering a perfect balance which is an added advantage for the practitioner. It is also an important prop that is used in the traditional eastern dance forms. These authentically designed swords have a traditional hardwood handles which is finished with a leather wrap for improving the grip. The tight-slip grip handles are ergonomically designed to avoid accidental injuries. These swords are also known as the balancing swords that are used by many belly dancers. The fully functional swords in this series are designed and manufactured under the expert craftsmanship of trained and skilled knife-makers. You can explore a selected range of traditional swords from the wide inventory of Hanwei.


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