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Hanwei was established in Dalian, China by a knife and sword enthusiast – Paul Chen. The brand gained international fame after mid 90s among the collectors, samurais, re-enactors and many historical fencers. The brand has a large inventory of more than six hundred products in the sword, knife and historical weaponry fields. Explore through the wide array of products made with advanced metallurgy techniques. All the products in the Hanwei’s inventory are proudly manufactured and assembled in China.


The Shashka Swords by Paul Chen Hanwei feature a unique design that is inspired from the famous Russian Shashka. These swords are characterized by their sharpened blades made from high-grade 5160 carbon steel, offering durability to resist rust and corrosion. Many swords in this series feature distinctive etches to make them look attractive. The double-headed eagle on one side marks the identification of authenticity. The unique styling with a basket guard, a ribbed hardwood grip, a strongly hooked pommel, and a leather lanyard makes it highly functional. The design of these swords exactly replicates the original Tsar Nicholas II sword that was made in 1881. This historical fact makes this katana sword an eye-catching piece for many collectors, knife makers, historians and knife enthusiasts. The leather lanyard of these swords provides the users with an easy carrying option. You can explore many variations of traditional and designer swords from the selected range of high-quality Paul Chen Hanwei. 


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