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Paul Chen Yari Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Paul Chen Hanwei Swords was started by Chinese collector Chen Chao-Po in 1991. The company is recognized in the global market for replicated copies of ancient swords, spears, and accessories. To offer best quality products to clients, Paul Chen Hanwei Swords have developed proprietary steels such as HWS1 and HWS2. Most of the swords forged from HWS1 and HWS2 steels can withstand the rigors of cutting exercises in the dojo.  


Paul Chen Yari Series features T10 high-carbon steel blade forged Yari, an essential weapon that is used by the Samurai in battlefield. Yari from Paul Chen features triangulated and double-edged blade that is differentially tempered to ensure edge holding. The shaft of the Yari features deep black lacquer finish and rattan wrapped section at the upper grip. The long tangs are also provided that absorb the shock of a blow. The one-piece construction reinforces the durability of the spear. The artisans at Paul Chen has reproduced in the traditional design, giving this Yari aesthetic look. Yari Swords from Paul Chen are a great addition for sojutsu practitioner.


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