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Paul Chen Mercenary Sword Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Paul Chen Swords was founded by Chinese sword collector Paul Chen in 1991. The company was initiated with the aim of providing economical Hanwei sword to the martial artists. Headquartered in Dalian, Paul Chen Swords is known for reproducing swords and accessories for the collectors. To offer premium quality products, Paul Chen has made advances in metallurgy and have developed some proprietary steels such as HWS1 and HWS2. The artisans at Paul Chen use these proprietary steels to forge swords.


Paul Chen Mercenary Sword Series features Hanwei swords that are designed in the 15th century style. These Hanwei Mercenary swords are constructed similarly as were made centuries ago, except the blades which are forged from high-carbon spring steel. The Mercenary Swords from Paul Chen feature dual-edge blade with 35 inches in length. The pommel is provided in the Mercenary Sword to add overall balance and hand orientation. The stopper pommel also helps in controlling the mighty swords. The pommel and guard are constructed of steel and nice brush polish finish is provided to give artistic look. Mercenary Sword features hardwood handle with long tapered leather grip. Most models in Paul Chen Mercenary Sword Series come with hard cored scabbard covered in black leather with matching steel throat and chape accents. 


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