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Paul Chen Swords Zukuri Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Hanwei sword manufacturing firm is a prominent name in global sword market. Currently, it is led by sword maker Paul Chen who is famous for creating exact replicas of Edo period Japanese swords. The company leverages large vendor chains, with a special mention to USA, to distribute these swords globally. Some of its major distributions are to display and museum artists, hobbyists, and sword aficionados worldwide. Acclaimed for its traditional art of Japanese sword making, Hanwei is popular for Samurai swords, Viking swords, and Knightly swords.


Why opt for Zakuri Sword Series?

Inspired from blade designs of Heian period and Nanbokucho era, these swords are designed for powerful cutting ability. Ideal for western martial art practitioners, sparring, and sword-collecting enthusiasts, the Zakuri swords have katana blades that provide speed when cutting through the target.  Their long grip accommodates both hands, while long blades allow foot combat.


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