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Hanwei is one of the most renowned brands that manufactures the finest quality of traditional swords. Hanwei was established by a young sword enthusiast - Paul Chen from Taiwan. The brand gained its worldwide recognition after introducing a pioneering range of European-style swords in to the market. The trained artisans and craftsmen at Hanwei assure the customers to provide them with products that are quality constructed utilizing the finest metallurgical techniques.


Sword Hangers and Hooks by Paul Chen Hanwei are ergonomically-designed accessories that make it easy to display the swords on the wall for decorations. This series includes an array of hangers and hanger hooks. The katana hangers are made from steel are used in conjunction with hooks to easily display the swords in any direction at any angle. The high-quality of carbon steel makes these hangers resistant to impact and corrosion. The hooks of the hangers are plastic-covered, to avoid damage. The scissor type action of these hangers allow the retaining pins to tightly grip the blades of the swords at their crossguard. The retaining pins of the hangers are threaded internally to provide a blade stop for the blades with or without ricassos. If you are looking for an ergonomic and sturdy solution for hanging your swords or katanas, then these Paul Chen Hanwei sword hangers and hooks are the perfect options.


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