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Elegance in Steel: Paul Chen Wakizashi Swords Series at Knife Country USA


Explore the refined elegance and formidable craftsmanship of the Paul Chen Wakizashi Swords Series, available exclusively at Knife Country USA. Wakizashi swords, traditionally worn with the katana by the samurai of feudal Japan, serve as a symbol of status and are used in practices of martial arts to this day. The Paul Chen collection features a range of Wakizashi swords, each crafted with exceptional attention to detail, balancing historical accuracy with contemporary advancements in metallurgy.


Discover the Exquisite Range of Paul Chen Wakizashi Swords

This series includes several unique models, each with distinctive features tailored to the enthusiast's and collector's high standards:


1. Raptor Wakizashi Sword with Rayskin Handle (PC2422)
Featuring a 26.88" overall length with a 19.13" 5160 carbon steel blade, this sword exemplifies the Raptor Series with its blackened iron tsuba adorned with a raptor motif and a black wood scabbard.


2. Practical Plus Wakizashi Sword with Rayskin Handle (PC2118)
This model measures 27.75" overall, with a 19.88" carbon steel blade, featuring a black leather wrapped handle and a black finish "sunburst" design iron tsuba.


3. Practical Wakizashi (PC2061)
With an overall length of 28 inches and a 20-inch carbon steel blade, this sword is designed for practical use, offering both durability and functionality.


4. CAS Hanwei Daisho Kake Helmet (PC2081)
While not a sword, this museum-quality reproduction helmet is fully wearable and doubles as a stand for a katana and wakizashi set, making it a unique addition to this series.


5. Kaeru (Frog) Katana Sword (PC2468)
This beautifully crafted katana with a 27.75" overall length and a 20.88" blade features a unique blackened iron tsuba with gold and silver detailing, representing a frog on a lily pad.


6. Lion Dog Wakizashi Sword (PC2449) and Koi Wakizashi Sword (PC2466)
Both feature exquisite craftsmanship with culturally rich motifs and exceptional detailing in their construction.


7. Tonbo Wakizashi Sword (PC2470)
Showcases a 27.25" overall length with a 19.5" folded powder steel blade and a unique black iron tsuba detailed in gold and bronze with a dragonfly scene.


Why Choose Paul Chen Wakizashi Swords?


  • Versatility and Authenticity: These wakizashi swords cater to collectors, practitioners, and enthusiasts, offering a range from practical and functional to decorative and ceremonial.


  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each sword is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques and modern materials, ensuring superior quality and performance.


  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Owning a Paul Chen Wakizashi means possessing a piece of samurai history, revered not just for its utility but for its cultural significance.


Explore More on Our Website

For more information and to view our full collection of Paul Chen Wakizashi Swords, visit the Paul Chen Wakizashi Swords page on Knife Country USA. Whether you are a martial artist seeking a training weapon, a collector searching for a historically significant piece, or simply an enthusiast who appreciates fine craftsmanship, this series offers exceptional choices.

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